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During the last years, people all over the world have become more and more interested in the study of the Spanish language. This is due to the fact that Spanish is the third most spoken language after Chinese and English and one of the three most commonly used languages on the internet. According to European citizens, Spanish is among the most popular languages they want to learn, together with English, French and German. Also, Spanish is an official language of the European Union. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States, which is the fifth largest Spanish speaking community in the world after Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Argentina. In Brazil, the language has also become an important study subject because of the increasing commercial relations between the members of Mercosur (Common Market of the South). In 2005, the Brazilian National Congress voted a law that obliges all primary schools to offer Spanish as a second language.

Because even though experts agree that the earlier you start to study a foreign language, the faster you learn; it is never late to give yourself the chance to learn Spanish while enjoying the richness of a Latin country. Also, because by being immersed in a Spanish speaking country and taking lessons which are adapted to your needs and pace, the learning process will be optimized, and you will obtain the best results.

Come to GLOBAL LINKS IDIOMAS, we are ready to take up the challenge with you!
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